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Spotify keeps deleting downloaded songs

Spotify keeps deleting downloaded songs

Spotify premium keeps deleting my offline downloaded music, despite of the fact that I have enough empty storage room. What could be causing this problem?
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Spotify Legend

Hey folks,

For anybody still experiencing this issue, we'd recommend heading over to this Ongoing Issue thread. Follow the suggested troubleshooting steps and see if that helps.


Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions. We're always a click away!

189 Replies

Surprise surprise, happened again. "Solved" my **bleep**.

Surprise surprise, happened again. "Solved" my **bleep**.

This had happened to me several times as well. So sick of all the glitches with this app. There must be something better out there.

Please, let us know if you find it. I loved Deezer but it doesn't have much
non mainstream music. I'm still looking!

Maybe "Soundcloud GO" is a good platform for non mainstream artists. I'll try this and the others while Spotify decide to fix the bug... Maybe for ever if they don't fix it because you can't use this app without music... Non sense !

Unfortunately is one of the bad things that come with Spotify Premium. I just lost count of how many times I had to download all the songs again. As it stands right now I don't think it is something that can be fixed (the fact that this has been happening for the past 3 years and still does makes me think is not something that can be fixed).


Instead what I ask is a way to tell Spotify which albums I want automatically downloaded every time I open spotify, so if any track is missing, I don't have to manually select album by album!

I just got a message to say that this problem has been solved. Where is the solution?

Just put all of your music in a playlist and download.

Trouble is, it doesn't stay downloaded and sometimes Spotify deletes the
playlist, just to be fun.

All my downloaded music got suddenly deleted and now I have just completely different artists, something I have never listened, in my playlist.
How is this possible?

Same problem here, spotify deletes the offline songs at least once a month. Got that problem since 2 years now and all the updates did not help. If it would remember which playlists i would like to have redownloaded every time it randomly deletes the songs then it would be a lot less pain. Like this I'm thinking about Deezer and trying their app right now. This is the worst support ever, spotify. The whole web is filled with people complaining about this and you guys are doing NOTHING about it. I hope Deezer will do this better.

Deezer - thought it was great, but it just doesn't have enough of the music
I like. If you have mainstream tastes then you'll like it. I'm thinking of
going back to it, purely because of this problem.

I've has this problem before but for me it only seems to un-download songs in my music. Maybe just make a bunch of playlists to lower the odds.

Oh how spotify has screwed me this week....i have had the app for a couple years at $10 a month so i have invested in dit the past week i have downloaded all 33gb of my music 6 times not only do you have to pay for the service of premium for the app but if you stream it will suck your data dry which is why most of us dl everything fix the freakin issue

My huawei p9 literally just did this while I was using it and it had been perfect until just suddenly out of the blue it started redownloading 1500 tracks. Not even every single track, just a majority of them. And with NO option to turn on offline mode or tell it not to download on cellular (usually I allow it to since it's only a matter of maybe 100 songs a month) I'm stuck downloading on literally the worst wifi since 2001. 

Really not going to fix their broken app, but rather make a bunch of features that make it crash more often? 

Same problem here. Happened two or three times now, 1k+ songs gone. HTC 10, downllsding to external SD card memory. 


Once when loading my songs the entire library loaded blank until I restarted my phone. Maybe something to do with loading on a poor connection and when none of the info is received Spotify assumes it must all be deleted? Who the **bleep** knows. 

Allright this is really starting to get out of hands. It's now the third time that spotify deleted all my music from external sd card. Nearly 2000 songs just need to re-download again. I had this issue now a long time now and then, but since the last 1/2 week it's starting to get worse. Just keep your stuff together dev team, it's a well known problem for years and still it's not fixed.

Same issue for me with my Galaxy S7.  Every few weeks, all my offline/downloaded albums just disappear for no reason - last night was the third occurance.  There doesn't seem to be any reason for it - last night, I went to listen to music on the train and all downloaded content had disappeard, the music was there in the morning and the phone had only been on charge at work.


Got a month's trial with Google Music, if that's any good I'll bin Spotify off, as offline storage one of the main reason I have a Premium subscription.


Edit: Also, why is this marked as 'solved'?!

Let us know what you think of Google music, as me too.

@goldvixis wrote:
Let us know what you think of Google music, as me too.

I've been using it for about two days and seems okay to me.  I mean, I only really use it to download and listen to whole albums (old school!).  I commute on the train/tube, so can't really use streaming, hence why I need a reliable offline function.  


My music tastes are fairly mainstream/rock and I've not found any albums in Spotify that aren't in Google Music.


Not sure on many of the features I never really used on Spotify - like ready made playlists, artist radio, etc.


My next Spotify renewal isn't until 24th, I think, so I'm going to run both side-by-side until then.

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