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Spotify keeps deleting downloaded songs

Spotify keeps deleting downloaded songs

Spotify premium keeps deleting my offline downloaded music, despite of the fact that I have enough empty storage room. What could be causing this problem?
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They can't or don't want to fix it.   This issue goes back years and is internal memory as well as the SD card.  Having the nerve to switch my phone off (how dare I!) seems the most common trigger.  Not the only one though.


I really am cancelling for good this time.

I moved to Google music. Everything is beautiful here. It includes YouTube Red and YouTube free from ads. Not a single problem so far. 

What the f..k Spotify? First I lose all my downloaded songs because you log me out without me doing anything and don't let me log back in because I'm in offline mode (so I have to reinstall the app) and now I just lose all of my downloaded songs all of a sudden? So I have to download them again? That's for the 3rd or 4th time in last few weeks that I have to download gigabytes of songs all over and over. 


Get your s..t together, Spotify, your Android app is a piece of **bleep** and I don't see a point in paying for Premium when the app is so bad. I'm cancelling my subscription until you start caring about the complaints.

No way I want to use my internal storage, I got an external SD precisely because I wanted to store my Spotify and Netflix dowloads there. Why should it make a difference anyway? 

It doesn't, Spotify will "uninstall" your music at random.

I don't know why they don't care this problem. even sometimes all songs be deleted.

Just had this issue today. Confirmed all my music I wanted was there yesterday. Got on a plane today and switched to airplane mode to find only 2 albums were there. Yesterday I was getting warnings of reaching the download limit so over 9500 songs deleted. Around 30GB. Severely peeved 

Restarted my phone today. When it finished booting Spotify decided it needed to re-download all my saved music again.


Best service. Ignore a common issue, good work guys!


Sounds like Google Play music might be a good choice...

I prefer Tidal. A bit modern for me but it never unloads my lists!

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For anybody still experiencing this issue, we'd recommend heading over to this Ongoing Issue thread. Follow the suggested troubleshooting steps and see if that helps.


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