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Spotify keeps downloading files several times, even when these have already been downloaded before

Spotify keeps downloading files several times, even when these have already been downloaded before

Lately, I have noticed, for the last week, that Spotify starts downloading music files, even after these have been saved on my Samsung S5 SD card. I don't think its normal for this to happen every day for the last week, its like it resets to zero files at the start of the day and then it spends most of the day downloading the same files again. Has anybody experienced something like this? How can I stop this from happening again?

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Yes this same issue has been happening to me too and it's really annoying. Everytime I open the app it starts to download 1 to 5 songs even tho I've already downloaded then before. I hope spotify sees this and can make an update soon because it's getting pretty frustrating for me.

Happened to me more than once, as if spotify forgot I have these songs already downloaded. Not only it redownloads then, old songs are nkt removed! Spotify had taken 5G before, now it's 10G (I listen a lot offline). Now I'm out of space and have to clear all the data and tap download on all the albums and playlists one by one... please fix this issue, it's the second time I have to do this, very annoying.

This same thing is happening to me after my s7 OS upgrade last week. Every morning I have all my songs but not downloaded, then after I download only mins after 100% complete it says I have no songs in my library for offline. Soo frustrating, I think I will cancel my subscription

Having similar issues here. A Galaxy S7 and a Galaxy TAB S2... spotify self-deletes downloaded songs randomly. Each time I start the app I can have (on both devices) few to thousands songs missing and have to redownload them... This is VERY annoying, I live in a rural area and my internet connection is very slow, it takes ages to download a big number of songs... Please fix this ASAP or I'll cancel my subscription and swith to google play music instead.

Happening to me to. It seems to happen after a spotify update and if our offline songs are on an SD card. IF this doesn't get fixed by the start of August i'm out

I hope by now you must have gotten the idea why it is happening. If not, I will help you.
I faced the same issue and in some other discussion, some told that the phone start cleaning useless files at midnight.
I have Samsung M30s. In that, I went into Storage booster and switched off "auto delete unnecessary data" and now there is no problem with my downloaded songs.

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