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Spotify keeps pausing and starting again when I get phone calls

Spotify keeps pausing and starting again when I get phone calls


Using Spotify Premium, Germany, on an LG K11. Android version 7.1.2


I have recently started using Android, completely happy with it apart from the fact that Spotify no longer works that well. The main problem is that music often pauses in the middle of an album (luckily not in the middle of a track). When I unlock my phone and open Spotify it continues playing. Would be great to be able to listen to a whole album without any pauses! Another thing that bothers me quite a bit is that Spotify often starts playing music when someone calls my phone. Even though I was not listening to music in the first place. Once it even started playing when someone called me via FB. A third issue is that after an album has played I no longer get to listen to the album radio, which was a feature of Spotify for iOS that I loved. Discovered so much great music this way! How can I turn this option on for Android?


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Correction: Spotify is now also pausing in the middle of a track, not just inbetween tracks. It even happens with music that I have downloaded to my phone so there has to be another issue than just poor internet connection. 

The same issue happens to me. It happens on downloaded or not and wether im using bluetooth earpieces or wired. 


Im using an android, up to date, on Samsung A8 and also premium

hey i contacted spotify support, turns out someone else was using my account. try logging out from all devices then change password (maybe also email password), worked for me!

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