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Spotify keeps pausing when I'm not on the app

Spotify keeps pausing when I'm not on the app






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When I leave Spotify or turn off my phone after about 30 seconds the music stops and will only continue playing when I get back onto the app, pausing it and playing it in the notifications doesn't do anything, I don't know how to fix it?

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Out of nowhere, starting today my music on Spotify starts to pause on its own, I've been using it for 4 years and it's never happened to me, it's been all day, I've already logged out of all the devices and yet it's still happening

Hey folks,


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@Markimoo1987@sakico9170, this is indeed odd behavior, and we'd like to gather some additional info. Would you mind sending us the make/model and OS of the affected devices (this info can usually be found in the device's settings) along with the Spotify version you're running there?

On another note, does this happen only when you leave Spotify in the background and go to use other apps, or does it happen also when you stay within the app? If not sure, it'd be awesome if you could check.

Just to confirm, can you replicate the same behavior if you open your accounts on different mobile devices? If possible, you can ask for the mobile device of a relative or a friend to open your accounts there and check.

Lastly, did you notice if this started to happen after a specific event such as an OS update? If yes, please send us the details.

Keep us in the loop!

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Puerto Rico 




OnePlus 9 Pro


Operating System

Android OxygenOS 13.1


Since the latest update my songs pause after around 30 seconds on my phone.

PC app works well as all other options.


I tried logging out all devices and only logging in my phone, cleared cache, reinstalled app, revoked access to some APIs.


The only way to avoid it is to switch to offline mode, taking away all my online content like daylist which is my main playlist for now.

Forgot to specify


Spotify version:

Hey there @Quorra


Thanks for reaching out about this and welcome to the Community!


Great troubleshooting so far, we can add a few more steps to make sure we've covered all bases.

Would you mind checking if the same happens while using a different internet connection?


If the issue persists, it's a good idea to exclude the app from any Battery optimization software that might be active on your smartphone. 


Keep us posted on how it goes.

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Hi there,

I wanted to share the steps I took to address the issue I encountered with Spotify. Interestingly, the problem resolved on its own without any updates (except for Android Auto). To troubleshoot, I made sure to use the Spotify app without locking my phone or switching to another app. I also tested various network connections to rule out connectivity issues, including my home and work Wi-Fi, mobile data, and even a VPN.


Through this process, I observed that my phone was specifically sending a pause command only to Spotify, which was quite peculiar. This leads me to speculate that there might have been an issue with Spotify's API, although I can't confirm this.


Hey @Quorra,


Thank you for keeping in contact.


We're glad to know that everything seems to be working fine by now. We appreciate the time you took following the process and sharing that it was resolved. Also, we'll be keeping an eye on this behavior, in case we need to investigate further.


If anything else comes up, remember that we're just a post away.



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In Android, I could only fix it by going to the BATTERY menu, clicking on Spotify.Then toggle off the background usage limit.It didn't work when I tried to go in through the Apps menu


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