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Spotify logging out Automatically on Android 5.0

Spotify logging out Automatically on Android 5.0

Has anyone else come across this random issue where spotify logs out and all the music is gone on Android 5.0 when you close the app. It's happened so many times on my Nexus 5 that now I'm thinking of cancelling my subscription and going with Google's Music Service.

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I'm also running Spotify on a Nexus 5 with Android 5.0 (Build LRX210) and Spotify version My device is rooted, but otherwise I'm stock. I'm not running into this problem. Are your versions the same? Is there anything custom about your system?

I'm on the same version as you and have rooted my device. It's weird coz for no apparent reason, the app just logs itself out and all my downloaded music goes along with it. It has happened numerous times that I've lost count. Everytime I log in, I have to redownload the songs.


Getting annoyed with it.

I have recorded a video to show what's going on. I have uploaded it on youtube. Link is:

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