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Spotify logs off after restart

Spotify logs off after restart







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Android 13


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If you're reading this, could you please:

- Enable offline mode

- Move storage to SD card

- Reboot phone

- Reply to this post with:

         - Logged off after reboot? Yes/No

         - Android Version? 


Some background:

Just had a long chat with support. They said I should try here as they don't see anyone else with this issue. So they couldn't send it up the support chain. The issue is as follows. My Android 13 device is usually set to offline mode. And since my internal storage was getting full, I switched it over to SD card. Now, every time my phone restarts my Spotify is logged off. If I turn off offline mode and/or change back to internal storage the issue goes away. Normally I'd just login again. But since the app does save I'm still in offline mode, I cannot login with my mail address and password (even though the faq states I should be able). Meaning I have to  remove cache, app data, remove app, restart phone, reinstall app. Then I can finally log back in.


So basically I'm trying to find out if others (in general or on Android 13) also have this issue with the abovementioned combination of settings. That way I can check if it's my phone or Spotify and take the appropriate steps.

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Howldy WilcoSnel!
Based on the information you have provided, it could be a possible bug or compatibility issue with the combination of offline mode and SD card storage on your device.

To troubleshoot this issue, you can try some general solutions such as clearing cache and data, reinstalling the app, and restarting your device. You can also try logging in with a different account to see if the issue persists. Additionally, it might be helpful to check for any updates to the app or your device's software, as this could potentially fix any known bugs or compatibility issues.

I'm all ears, and my tail's a-waggin' for updates on your situation!


-Prague the Dog

PragueSpotify Star
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Hi Prague, 


I had to do a clean install (remove cache, app data, app, remove files in Android > data on internal and sd storage, reboot device, reinstall app) to get back into the app several times in the last couple of weeks. So that doesn't fix it unfortunately. Also tried a different account just now. But to no avail unfortunately. 

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