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Spotify not accepting voice commands from assistant

Spotify not accepting voice commands from assistant






Samsung Galaxy 9+

Operating System

Android 10


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Hello, I have noticed an issue with Spotify not accepting voice commands anymore. I first noticed this as I was driving yesterday (5/30/22) and attempted to issue a voice command while Spotify was linked with Android Auto. I cleared Spotify's data and reinstalled it, and the issue persisted. I began testing further and could replicate the issue with other voice command assistants. Both Google Assistant and Bixby both fail.

What is happening:
I will be listening to a song and ask Spotify to play a specific track or album with Google Assistant (or Bixby or Android Auto).
Google Assistant will accept the command and say "Playing on Spotify" 
Google Assistant will then say "Sorry something went wrong. Please try opening the Spotify App to continue."

Bixby will say "Please sign in to the Spotify App" (even though I'm signed in and playing music)

Android Auto will also say something went wrong.

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This exact problem is happening for me as well, exactly as you detail

No voice commands at all will work. They will open Spotify but then theres like 10 seconds of nothing the "something went wrong"

Either by phone, Google Nest or Android Auto

Tried unlinking the Spotify account

Uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify
Clearing Spotify cache

Multiple restarts


It just wont work

Got exactly same problem today. Still can't find the solution.

Yep same here in UK on android

I have exactly the same problem also and tried multiple things but exactly the same as everyone else had 

Same here, any workarounds?

Update - a workaround seems to be installing the previous version of the app, that works perfectly fine:

same here 😕 please fix asap! 🙂 

Same problem, only it will repeat my request and do nothing at times.

Same here, really frustrating 

Same issue for me. Worked on 5/29, stopped working last two evenings. Will try downgraded app, thanks for the link.

Same here. Notice that some voice commands still work ie. Play next song. But when asking for a specify artist or song I got "sorry something went wrong" on both Google assistant and Android auto

Same issue happening with me.


S21 Ultra

cant use android auto now to play specific songs. please fix it! 🙂 

btw, is there any chance to have keyboard input to search for music? 

I have recently this problem as well. UK, note 20 ultra. I can confirm that downgrading to the older version of Spotify fixes it. 

Same here!😭

Same issue, pixel 6.

I've kept the spotify app open on my phone and just used the "hey spotify"
command. Only downside is that your phones screen is on the entire time
which doesn't help with battery life

I have the same issue,


***This should always work perfectly, millions of people use spotifuggle while driving,  this error can potentially get people killed.***

I seem to have fixed the issue on my phone  I went into the phone options found the app and found the  Battery option And put it to unrestricted I'm using an S22 ultra with android 12. It seems that android is trying to conserve battery by closing the app out and it's causing some issues.

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