Spotify not changing to next song

Spotify not changing to next song

So I have SGS2 and I have problem with spotify. When I play a song and it is in the end, it doesnt change to next song, the timer just keeps going on for few seconds. I have tried reinstalling but doesnt change anything.

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I have the same issue. It's getting to be pretty annoying. I think they have an awesome concept, but this is making me reconsider keeping my subscription. 

Same here ... 


I am using Samsung Galaxy S2 to listen to Spotify and I have been
having problems with the new version of spotify sense it was released.
When I select a playlist and start playing a track when that track is
finished it goes to the next track but it is not playing, I can see
that the time laps is on going and counting the seconds, but no sound,
if I try to jump to the middle of the song by pulling the little dot
on the time laps it jumps back to the beginning of the track, even if
I hit pause and then play it still will not play but if I scroll to
the next track (by pulling the cover flow) the next track starts
playing as expected but when that track is finished the next song till
not play and so on.

This is very irritating that is have to click on every song I want to
listen to. I really dont see any purpose for continuing my premium subscription (that I have
had for a long time now) if I cant listen to my music from my phone!

is there a solution for this yet? i have the same device and exactly the same problem. this makes playlists unusable.

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