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Spotify not finishing Downloads

Spotify not finishing Downloads

Please help me. I just got Spotify premium and I can't download my play lists. It would download until a certain percentage and it would stay there. I know cause I left it downloading overnight and didn't get anything downloaded. SO PLEASE HELP ME
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How much free storage do you have on your device and is it possible you hit the download limit?

I have more than 3gb of space available, when i noticed it wasnt downloading, I have reformated my phone, and the first thing i installed was spotify, but i still had the same problem. and that time i had about 8+gb in my internal memory(i didnt put my SD card in)


It would stop at a certain percentage and wouldnt continue downloading, But on the Notification bar it would remain at 0 percent



Is the music spotify content or local files (mp3s on your PC)?

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