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Spotify not play continuously

Spotify not play continuously


Country: Finland


Device: Nokia 7 plus (TA-1046)

Operating System

( full Android 9)


 I have issue with my phone Spotify player. When i listening playlist or full album music freezing few second before song ending and never get end. If I change song manually it works fine. It doesn't matter am I used Wi-Fi or 4G network. Sometime few song works fine, but then it stacked again.


I try to reinstall application, but doesn't help.

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Hi and Welcome to the Spotify Community,


Please follow the following steps so we can try to figure out what is going on:


  • Make sure your app is up-to-date.
  • Play the track on a different device or with our web player.
  • Play the track over a different WiFi or data connection.

If your app is not up to date it could cause an issue with playback, so go into your app store and check to see if an update is avalible.


If the music you are listening to is not working on another device or network, It could be a problem with them song.


Let us know if any of the following work/do not work.


Best of Luck,



Note: I am not a Spotify Employee

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