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Spotify notification question

Spotify notification question






Samsung Galaxy S9

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Android Oreo


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Hello i want to know if it's possible that the little circle with lines on it ( The little Spotify notification on the top left ) can stay in the notifications screen permanently as it disappears from time to time on my phone when i pause the music. I'm asking this because the Spotify widget on the homescreen requires this to work properly (it stops from working when the little circle disappears). Thanks !!

I got this reply from the support and i asked if " there is no way to have a widget that works permanently even if i pause the music " ? Anyway thanks 😉


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The Spotify icon appears in the notification bar since the app is running. When you pause, it won't display. The widget also may not function properly if you don't have the app open and running. Please keep in mind that the widget is simply a shortcut button for the app.


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