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Spotify offline dosnt work

Spotify offline dosnt work

Hello, ive rebooted my Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 today and i have problem with Spotify offline mode. I cannot download my songs. I click download, device look like that it downloading but, when i turn off WIFI and data. I cannot play what i wanted download.




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How does it look like it is downloading? What do you see? Areyou waiting until it has finished downloading?

It looks like standart downloading. I did it already but 5 months ago. I see progress bar with % and in notifications i see how many song are downloaded and how many rest.

For me, the web player doesn't play songs atm, the spotify windows downloader isn't downloading at all, every other page etc works. Some problems with servers?

Ok, so you wait for the downnloads to finish and all the songs end up showing the green arrow @Jeymont? What happens next, when you switch to offline mode?


Hey @Talckrer why are yoou posting this in the android section? Your question belongs in Desktop (Linux, Windows, Web Player).

Ok guys, i dont know what i did but everything now works. for the 7th time reinstalled Spotofi and everything is good. 

Thanks a alot ๐Ÿ˜‰

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