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Spotify offline downloads repeatedly deleted Huawei p10

Spotify offline downloads repeatedly deleted Huawei p10

I have premium on my Huawei P10. My spotify periodically deletes all of my downloaded songs/playlists/albums and each time I have to redownload everything which takes ages. I've had two Huawei p10s and this has been a problem for both phones. 


I pay for premium primarily so I can download my music and play it offline and have now been paying for a service I do not reliably receive. I have looked on other community posts about the same problem and there does not seem to be a solution. I also cannot find an email to ask directly.


Is there anyone who I can speak to personally about this problem? It is becoming such a significant issue that I am having to consider moving to a different music streaming service, which I would rather not have to do. 


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Hey @ameliamairi.


As your downloaded music is being deleted often, I suggest checking the  “Downloads unexpectedly removed” section of this support page. It should help with this.


All the best.

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