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Spotify on multiple devices

Spotify on multiple devices



I know that it is not allowed to stream music on multiple devices at the same time using the same account unless we use offline mode feature. 


I have a question regarding that. 


If I am streaming music on my phone then someone else(ex. Brother) logged in my account to his phone but haven't streamed any music, would that immediately stop the music on my phone and suddenly start playing on his phone without the app giving him any option to actually interrupt my music?


Another question, if both of us is logged in and I'm the one streaming, will both device play the music I am playing or it's just my phone? While his phone just show what's playing and let him know from which device.

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Hi there. Is the account is yours, your brother cannot use your account at his phoe at the same time. You can't use one account on same devices. You can use the one account on your phone and your comuper at the same time but you cant do this in two phones. If you and your brother want to use Spotify, you should buy a family premium. Thank you.

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