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Spotify only works intermittently over Android Auto

Spotify only works intermittently over Android Auto

Hi, any help on the following would be appreciated... I have Spotify premium linked to my Google Assistant and have no problem using voice commands to play Spotify over our google homes in the house.  Over Android Auto, it only works intermittently.  I have the best results on a new drive, but even then, if I'm listening to the radio, say "OK Google," then request a song via Spotify, Google informs me that it has heard my request to play the song, but nothing happens.  Usually my last successful song played via Spotify is still available on an Android Auto card, and if I click on it, I can sometimes get that song to play, but sometimes the play button is non-responsive and nothing will play. I'll try to use vocal commands to request a new song again, and again, google tells me it is playing my request, but the new song does not appear in Spotify player, just the old song, with mixed results on whether I can even get the old song to play.  I can sometimes advance to the next song on the playlist for that old song, sometimes not.  Hope I've described this well enough, it's such a schizophrenic mess it's hard to describe it properly.  Thanks in advance for any help.
Android Auto Version: 3.2.581534-release
Spotify Version:
2017 Audi A4
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