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Spotify playing music on its own

Spotify playing music on its own






Samsung Galaxy S10

Operating System

Android Pie

Spotify version


My Question or Issue

About 3 weeks ago I noticed Spotify would start randomly blasting music through my phone's speaker out of nowhere! Typically this will happen anywhere from 10 - 20 minutes after playing Spotify via Bluetooth or in my car.

This has happened in extremely unacceptable situations such as in meetings at work.

I've double checked to ensure all of the below are the case to ensure its not human error:

- Music is paused 

- Phone screen will be off

- No one touching the phone

- No one else will have access to my Spotify account/playing music simultaneously somewhere else

- Spotify app is still on in the background of the phone


I've done a clean re-install of Spotify a few days ago and the issue came up again yesterday. I don't have this issue with any other apps or music players so it leans me to think this is an issue with the Spotify app.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey @user-removed.


Thanks for getting in touch!


We're working on an issue where the music starts playing when locking the phone. Could you take a look at this Ongoing Issue to see if it matches the issue you are experiencing?


Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.


Thanks for the quick response.
Yes this case is very similar. Only difference is mine is Android/Samsung
and it doesn't happen immediately after I lock the phone, it'll usually
happen anywhere from 5 - 10 min after.

Thanks for your ongoing assistance!

This is happening to me, exactly as you described.


Found any solution to this? Is this a config problem or a bug?

After one of their updates in May I stopped seeing the issue, but after their June update, it's been happening again. I tried doing a clean uninstall, restarting the phone, logging out and back in, and nothing has worked for me.

One of the Spotify moderators mentioned on the thread that is linked above that they claim the issue is fixed but it definitely isn't. It happened to me 3 times today alone!

Im having a lot of same issues like you mentioned. i have XIaomi mi a1.


If Spotify thinks that chrging us on the monthly payment, when we clearly cant use the app, it will be a good reason to get that well known across the social media!

I started to notice that Spotify starts to play when i get to places where I have my wifi network already known and seems like the Spotify connects to the internet and starts to play at the background, it does not happen if I close the app right after I use it.

I think i found the sulotion!!


go to and to your account settings. click the button that says "sign out from everywhere"


works for me right away!



I noticed this too. It seemed to fix itself for a bit but now its doing it again. I have noticed that, for me, it only seems to do it when I have my phone locked and earbuds plugged in ??? And it sometimes happens full days after the last time I used spotify. 

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