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Spotify problem with Android Auto

Spotify problem with Android Auto

I live in a rural area in Germany with subpar cell phone reception and mobile internet speed. That's why I decided to download my favourite playlists and enable offline mode in spotify. All of those songs are downloaded correctly.

My problem is that sometimes when skipping to the next song the progress bar of this new song is still running, but it doesn't play any sound. I realized that this happens often after entering an area with better/worse internet connection. That's weird, because spotify is in offline mode and shouldn't be influenced by that. I can fix it by unplugging and replugging my phone from the usb port. It works for a couple of songs (but sometimes just one) then happens again.

I already searched for a solution online but never found that specific problem.

Any help would be appreciated!


Some specs: My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S6 running Android Version 7.0.

Spotify Version: armV7

Android Auto Version: 2.3.716604-release

I'm driving a Skoda Rapid Spaceback if that's of any interest here.


Edit: After going through this forum I found a similar problem:

This thread is from 2016-02-23 and was closed. Has this issue not been fixed?

I also forgot to mention that my problem only occured recently (like 3-4 weeks now). Everything worked fine before. Maybe the bug has been reimplemented with an update somehow?

2 Replies

The same happened to me today too. Was in an underground car park and tried to play a playlist which was downloaded before. The progress bar moved on, but no music playing. Only radio switch off and on again solved the issue.

I think I fixed the problem by downgrading back to Android version 6.1. Was a bit tedious but it hasn't happened again yet.

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