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Spotify "plays" a song but no sound

Spotify "plays" a song but no sound







OnePlus 3

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

Spotify plays a Sound for a second or two then just goes silent while the song progresses as normal. This is not limited to downloaded songs or podcasts.


Issue happens via Speaker and Bluetooth as well.

To "temporary" fix it (more luck based honestly) i can tap the progressbar alot of time until it starts to play the song for long enough. This wont fix it mostly, a better way is to unpair my Device from the Bluetooth Device, start the song several times until it works and then while it plays connect it to my Bluetooth Device.


The Problem comes only from Spotify, my offline Music Player and other sounds (like System Notifications) work flawlessly. 


I tried a "clean install" as it is instructed from other various topics like this and enabled a crossfade of 1second which also doesnt help.

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Noone with a idea? 😞

i cant use spotify at all by now, i cant play offline songs either.

the "fixes" seemed to stopped working now too and i tried to "take the battery out and place it back in" (tip i found in other threads) too but this also didnt solve my problem


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