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Spotify randomly pauses playback

Spotify randomly pauses playback

For a couple of months now, Spotify randomly stops playing a song, sometimes even if the phone is left alone in a room with the display switched off. I have yet to figure out a pattern why and when it happens, sometimes it plays for hours without pausing, while at other times it pauses during every other song or so. I have spotify premium and all my songs are saved on my SD card. It does not only happen when streaming, but also with downloaded songs. My phone is a Moto g4 running Android marshmallow 6.0.1 and my Spotify version is armV7. I have tried a clean reinstall, tried to revoke access so that nobody can use my account while I'm using it, and signed off and on; essentially I've tried everything in this guide multiple times. Any ideas? Thanks so much! 🙂
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Hi. Are you running the moto's battery saver or any third party power saving or memory management app?

Also, it's worth excluding spotify from the android power management as follows:

Open the Settings app on your phone (Pull down the notifications shade, and tap the gear in the upper right corner, or find “Settings” in the App Drawer.)
2. Tap Battery.
3. Tap the menu button and choose “Battery optimization.”
4. Tap the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and select “All apps.”
5. Scroll down to Spotify - tap it and select "Don't Optimize"

I've seen it happen with battery saver turned on and off. However, the battery optimization was enabled for Spotify, so I've disabled it (but if I remember correctly, I had disabled it in a previous attempt to fix this and then re-enabled it once it kept happening with battery optimization switched off); I'll let you know if it did the trick! Thanks a bunch 🙂

Fingers crossed 🙂

Unfortunately, the issue seems to persist, it happened twice in the last two days 😞

Hey @ivivalakat!


**See What to do first**

You can disable this feature by heading to Settings > Playback > toggle off AutoPlay.


Let us know how it goes.

Oops, I thought I had replied, but I guess my post didn't go through. Autoplay has been switched off ever since the feature appeared and Spotify had been pausing songs even before autoplay was available

Anyone got a solution yet, I'm having the same issue.

Just before my music pauses, the volume lowers just like it does when a notification appears, even though nothing pops up. Is this the same for you? 

I'm having the same issue with Spotify pausing randomly. 


Samsung S5

Android v6.0.1

Spotify v8.4.37.587


I have tested offline mode, No battery optimization is on, with phone physially plugged in, reinstalling spotify fresh. 


Please help. 

Try restarting your device. I did it to mine a few days ago and it was fixed. The most likely explanation is that there was an app that was distrupting playback, hence the pauses.

I fixed it. Turned out to be the result of an app I installed for my LG

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