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Problem with Android Spotify App when using Google Pixel2 and Mazda CX5 Infotainment system.

Problem with Android Spotify App when using Google Pixel2 and Mazda CX5 Infotainment system.



I use the Spotify app with my Google Pixel 2 phone. Until today,  normally I would log into the Spotify app and as an example. start to play an album or playlist, let's say as an example, "The Beatles Greatest Hits"  which I downloaded previously to my phone Once the Bluetooth in the car syncs to my phone, I can hear the music and on the infotainment screen in the car, it would  always show the name of the song currently playing(Example, "Help, Artist Beatles, Beatles Anthology") and once the current song ended, the next song would play and show up on the screen as well.  Also, if I wanted to advance to the next song, I was able to use the advance control located on the steering wheel of the car and it would automatically move to the next song.  Not exactly sure what  happened but now when the Spotify app on my Pixel 2 phone syncs up to the Bluetooth in the car, whatever song is playing I am still able to hear the music in the car, but now on the screen, it shows UNKNOW on all three lines, and if let’s say I want to advance to the next song using the control in my car, nothing happens.  I either have to wait for the song to complete and advance to the next song, or I have to advance it by using my Pixel 2 phone directly.  I even uninstalled the Spotify app and then afterwards re-installed it again, but I’m still have the same issue.   Yet if I playany other music in the car whether it’through via FM, Sirrius or   CD as the source in the car, all pertinent information on the screen shows up correctly and I can also use the controls in the car to advance to the next song.  Maybe  before I uninstalled the app before re-installing it again, perhaps there might have been a Spotify update and perhaps there is some type of bug with the version as again, everything else in the car infotainment system pertaining to music is working as it’s supposed to work so at this point I would have to believe that the issue is with the Spotify app. and not with the Mazda Infotainment system as again, before today, everything worked perfectly.


Has anyone else encountered this problem and if yes, are there any steps or other trouble shooting I can do to resolve the issue. .  Thanks for your help in this matter.


Ken B


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I'm having the same issue with the stock infotainment system for my 2015 Mazda 3.  Steering wheel controls don't work with Spotify and artist, album and track information says "unknown" or freezes on one track no matter how many songs play.  My phone is a 2016 Pixel.

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