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Spotify randomly starts playing

Spotify randomly starts playing






Pixel 5

Operating System

Android 12


My Question or Issue

First of all, I have done all the default troubleshooting steps (Logout everywhere, change password, reinstall, update, restart, clean cache...) - issue persists over multiple versions of Spotify and Android.


Spotify randomly starts playing, often at night waking me up if I didnt mute my phone before. 


I found a way to reproduce the issue:

Step 1: Make sure bluetooth is turned on.


Step 2: Stop the App via that build in function of Android OS.


Step 3: Turn on Flight Mode. 

Result: Spotify starts playing (continues last Song i played)


Step 4: Repeat Step 2. (Spotify stops playing)


Step 5: Turn off Flight Mode.

Result: Android turns on Bluetooth again automatically and Spotify starts to play again. 


All of this does not happen, when Bluetooth is turned off!


Conclusion: It happens when Bluetooth is turned on/off. I don't know why it does happen randomly at night. But both is probaply related to the Bluetooth status.


Question: Any Idea how I can fix this Issue ?


Additional Info:

I just found out two more things:


1.  This does also happen, when I turn on bluetooth without it happening automatically by me turning off flight mode. But not, when turning off bluetooth manually.


2. If Spotify has played once and I stop the music in notification bar and then swipe spotify to the side, out of the notification bar as to "close" it, it will not happen in the near future anymore. Only when spotify has not been running at all for a longer time or I forced it to stop. 







23 Replies

Mine too! chinese music. Should we change password?

Mine is doing the same. 

The same thing is happening to me. Chinese music starts playing through bluetooth devices in the middle of the night. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app as well as changed my password. What is going on?

Hi there folks, 


Thanks for your replies in this thread.


First up, we'd recommend checking all the recommendations we've given in this thread. Check if there's any app with a routine setup.


You can also try going to your Account Overview page and selecting the option to Sign out everywhere. Additionally, remove access to all the apps you've connected to your account from here. You can easily reconnect your apps anytime. Once done, log back in and check if that makes a difference.


Keep us posted!

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