Spotify reports that I have no internet connection

Spotify reports that I have no internet connection

I have AT&T as a internet provider with a 4G LTE subscription.  I have also been a premium subscriber for a long time since I dropped my satellite radio subscription.  I previously had a LG  G2 and it and Spotify played nicely for a long time. What I think was a random occurance is that spotify would stop playing a playlist and report that the internet connection had died.  AFter tinkering with it for awhile, I chalked it up to a bad phone and replaced it with  a HTC One m8.  AFter 2 weeks, I have the exact same problem.  Only this time, it happens without the screen timeout occuring.  I can still access the internet through the web-browser and facebook but spotify doesn't seem to see the connection until I kill the app and restart it.  I'd rather not switch to another service as I havea  good set of playlists built up, but this is incredibly annoying!


What I've tried.


Uninstalling and re-installing,

Disabling power-saving,

Settings - Delete all files,

Logging out and back in.


Nothing seems to work, please help!

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Can you confirm the software version your M8 is on? I know a lot of users were havng ifficulty with Mobile Data die to the customisation some Network Providers had put on the software of the phone, but a lot were saying once they got Lollipop this was fixed.


Plase confirm?

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