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Spotify shows offline until restarted

Spotify shows offline until restarted




SONY Xperia 1, SONY Xperia XZ


Operating System

Android Pie (or older on Xperia XZ).

Spotify version:


My Question or Issue

Sometimes (quite often), when the connection to Spotify is lost, the connection does not come back until Spotify is rebooted. This has nothing to do with the connection randomly coming up. I have waited 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 30 minutes for the connection to come back. In the 30 minutes case, I have also tried at home, with both Wi-Fi or 4G. The problem is always the same. Spotify shows Offline, but directly when restarting the client it comes back up.


It feels almost as if Spotify stops trying to connect and goes into Offline mode. Then it does not comes out from this until restarted.


Is it possible this may be a feature, which can be turned off manually? Any idea why this happens?



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I am having the same exact issue. Spotify constantly says that no connection is available. I restart the app and I have connection again. If I com back to the app it will say that no connection is available, despite online music currently playing. All songs will be grayed out. Please Fix this Spotify, I'm a paying customer who's considering switching streaming services because of this and the removal of the widget. 

Yeah, forgot to mention the music keeps streaming, through it is not downloaded. It keeps playing a long time. No way there is so much cached.

Exactly, they need to fix this ASAP.

Same here.

OnePlus 7, Android 10.

This makes Spotify unusable when connected via wireless Android Auto in my car, as internet is momentarily lost when the connection happens and Spotify never reconnects.

I've had the same issue. It's a problem with android battery optimization. A workaround while Spotify gets it together is to go to Settings, search "battery optimization" and turn it off for Spotify. Still, it's not ideal since Spotify will now drain power if you leave it running even if you aren't listening.

Turning off battery optimization seems to work!

Having the exact same issue. It's the most annoying thing ever. Prevents me from downloading music on wifi for offline mode.


Pixel 4

Android 10

Spotify version

Works! Thanks!

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