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Spotify still works fine offline, even though i have no data

Spotify still works fine offline, even though i have no data

My question is why the subject line is true

5 Replies

Hey @ArcSecParallax, welcome to the Community!


We'd be glad to help clear things up 🙂


When using Offline Mode, it stops the app from using your data. So it makes sense that none of your data will be used while using Offline Mode. Offline Mode also works if the app is unable to connect to the internet, in your case, because you have no data.


Hope that helps clear everything up 🙂

Isn't Spotify a streaming service, though? How is it streaming music if it isn't connected to the internet?

As well as that, I don't have premium, so I dont have offline mode

Hey @ArcSecParallax.


Thanks for getting back to us.


You shouldn't be able to listen to anything if you're not connected. Try double-checking the status of your subscription by logging in here.


Let us know what if you see your account as Premium or Free. 

Its Free. It stopped happening a while ago anyway.

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