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downloaded music will not play sometimes while offline

downloaded music will not play sometimes while offline






android galaxy s7 edge 

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Android Oreo


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 This morning I attempted to play a song which I have downloaded in the past and played hundreds of times in the past and I am the premium paying subscriber. With wifi rurned off the song would not play which makes no sense because the song is downloaded and it should play offline because I paid for it and I'm a premium subscriber. There was no error message no notification just press play and the song won't play even though the green check mark indicates that it has been downloaded before. waited a minute and the song still would not play. I proved and took screenshots that proved that Spotify was trying to access the internet before it would play a song which I have already downloaded and I am a paying premium subscriber. This makes no sense it's broken functionality there's no way to report a problem to Spotify no support channel that is listed in the application so here I am on the community when this should be a support ticket but they don't have any capability for me to do that. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Has anyone ever successfully been able to get in touch with Spotify to raise a support ticket when something's broken? An item 3 does anyone else hate being forced to a community when they should be allowed to create a support ticket because they are paying customer? 

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Hey @ken4runner7, welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with your offline music. Does this only happen with one track, or multiple tracks?


If the issue happens to multiple tracks, it's possible you're having an issue with your device's cache. If you have any cache-clearing apps installed, disabling them should help.


Let us know how it goes.

Hey, @ken4runner7


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Community.


We're just checking in to see how you're getting on.

If this is still happening, do the steps here help out?


Keep us in the loop 🙂



I have had the issue multiple times I was unable to listen to music all weekend because I was camping and had no Network signal however all of my music should have already been downloaded but none of it would play. 


I do not have any third-party cache cleaning application on my phone but I do use  the Android built-in Settings > Device Maintenance features to clean up and optimize performance. I pay money for this service and I expect my music to play while I'm offline. This has happened multiple times and all weekend I could not listen to music because of this issue, which so far I have no idea what the root cause is and I have no way to get support for the service that I the service that I pay money for



still zero help on this problem from Spotify.


I cannot tell when the songs have actually been downloaded and will play offline or not. If I have poor network coverage my songs may not play even though I have marked them all to be downloaded. This is unacceptable behavior for a service that I pay money for

Fellow camper here, try turning on airplane mode, restarting Spotify, and if it works disable airplane mode again.  This appears to work, but I'm trying to consolidate a workaround. 
Since you have the exact same issue I have been having in the same secenario, it seems to me it might be related to the way Spotify receives system notifications about carrier data.

thanks - I want spotify to acknowledge the problem - and fix it.

or at the very least make it such that there is some sort of visual warning when downloaded music is messed up and will not play properly when offline.
spotify also needs to confirm if the built in android settings > device maintenance messes up spotify's downloaded music (when storage is cleaned via this built-in android feature).  I pay money for this service and downloaded music should play properly when offline, or for example when I am in the mountains with no internet. i have no root cause, I have no way to be sure it will not happen again and no confirmation of if it will be fixed or any of the above. the support is atrocious and nonexistent. having a community instead of support for paying customers is ridiculous

"Crowd sourced" troubleshooting.  It's cheaper than hiring a full tech team. 
I lost my music on a super nice hike.  My major concern was the cost it would have been to download on roaming - a cost that, as a premium user as well, I should not have to bear.  I agree with you 100%. 

I'm hoping by getting other users with the same problem they can pinpoint the system-level call or otherwise determine what's throwing the error.  Right now I've stacked about six of these to the top of the Android list since I think it's getting closer.  Thanks for testing the workaround.  I hope we get a fix. 

Happy backpacking!

This is ridiculous.

still broken, still no way to report a problem, and I'm still paying for this crappy service with no support. 

Still broken. still no support and no help on the community either. this is highly unacceptable for people that pay money for a product and there is absolutely zero support

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