Cant find Shuffle Play on my playlist.

Cant find Shuffle Play on my playlist.


Hello, im using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and I only have a free plan. I cant seem to find the shuffle play on my playlist songs, note that ive already tried reinstalling the app.


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Do I need to buy a subscription to access this?


Btw, i can shuffle play albums but for some reason not my own playlist.


Hey @Sakkls.


Thanks for reaching out to the Community 🙂


If you are using Spotify Free on Mobile, then your playlists will automatically shuffle. That's why you don't have a Shuffle button.


If you have any other questions, we'll be here.


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Thanks for the reply, but it obviously does not shuffle play automatically
since after countless of attempts, the order that the music is played are
the same. (Same as how it is arranged)


Hey there @Sakkls,


Thanks for getting back in touch with this.


Just to confirm, does your playlist have the blue "Listen in Shuffle" tag? Also, does this happen in all your playlists or that specific one?


You can give it a try to log in to your account from a different mobile device, if possible, and listen to your playlist and see if the issue persists. This can help us pinpoint whether it's account-related or device-related.


We'll be keeping an eye for your reply 🙂


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So i've tried viewing my playlists on a Samsung Note 9 that has premium (which is not mine, mine is only a Note 5 and has a free membership.) And on there, the playlists had a shuffle play. On my free Note 5 doesn't still. And all my playlists doesn't have the blue "shuffle tag". Thanks for being patient with this issue haha.

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