Spotify stopped working on my Android Phone


Spotify stopped working on my Android Phone


Recently (after the app was updated to display similar songs at the bottom of playlists) Spotify has been taking longer and longer to load on my phone.

Until, yesterday, it was on the loading screen for the WHOLE DAY and I never got to play any music.

Now, I have a lot of playlists and it took me a long time to catalog them and name them. If you are going to say that I need to deleted them all and start from scratch, what is keeping me from just changing to Google Play Music and start again there? I would have to start again anyway. I hope there is a different solution. A way to export or archive playlists might be acceptable. Having to delete all my work would just push me to start again elsewere.

I have tryied all the uninstall / reinstall / clear cache / take the sd card out solutions and there none of them made a difference.

Plese Help