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Spotify stops playing after a few songs when my screen is locked - Samsung Galaxy 7

Spotify stops playing after a few songs when my screen is locked - Samsung Galaxy 7

Hello - I just got a new Samsung Galaxy 7 and installed the Spotify app. I open the app and start playing my playlist. I have my screen set to lock so once it does this I can see the Spotify notification if I push the power button to light up the phone screen. However, after a few songs (always when transitioning to a new song), Spotify stops playing even though it shows in play mode. I unlock my phone and it then immediately starts playing the next song. Does anyone else have this problem?

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You're not the only one. Check this thread:


There is a battery saving option that you need to turn off.

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Thank you so much! It's still not acceptable for it to do this and I hope they find a solution to still have power saving mode on while playing.

I am having the same problem on my s6. I have turned off the power saving option and reinstalled the app so many times, over the past month, I can't keep count. Nothing has fixed the problem and I'm ready to close my Spotify account.

Mine has always been off but i still have thw problem. Anyone with another solution

Solved : I had this annoying problem on my samsung j7
so the solution is on power saving option ( restrict all background data ) must be turned off😆

Nabil82, so far it works!! I had power saving shut off but the bottom option was not shut off. I hope this will solve it while using Runkeeper. I only tested it for some songs.

It was extremely annoying to get out my phone every time after a song was finished.

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