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Spotify stops playing?

Spotify stops playing?






Samsung Galaxy S9

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Hi all,


Just recently, Spotify will sometimes stop playing. Sometimes when my phone locks, sometimes just out of the blue. So I have to hit play to resume constantly and sometimes to do this, I'll need to go into the app as well! Meaning the lock screen controls sonetimes don't work or my earphone controls sometimes don't work!

Seems to be completely random. Very frustrating. It actually happened a few times while typing this.

Has anyone experienced this issue?

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Hallo liebe community, 

Ich habe zur Zeit auch das Problem, dass die Wiedergabe automatisch stoppt. Grundsätzlich im Sperrbildschirm. Das Problem habe ich seit dem Android Update auf Android 9. (Galaxy S8+). Es ist egal ob ich meine eigene Playlist oder eine von Spotify erstellt Liste benutze. Auch kein Unterschied ob ich die Playlist runtergeladen habe oder über Datenvolumen/W-LAN Musik höre.


Bitte um Feedback / Lösung


BTW. Während ich diesen Beitrag verfasst habe, musste ich 4x erneut auf play drücken







Hello Matt,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


This problem is usually caused due to the battery optimization feature which has been made more aggressive in android 9, Try this

Go to settings > device care > battery > battery optimization > show all apps > set Spotify's to "don't optimize" 


(I'm not sure how the settings menu in Samsung is, so you may not find the options exactly like above. Try find the battery optimization related settings)


Keep us updated!


Thanks for that!

I've tried reinstalling it and that's seemed to have fixed it so far.

If the issue reoccurs, ill try that and update everyone.

Thanks again!

Hey Leute, 


Vielen Dank für das schnelle Feedback. Über die Akku-Optimierung hat es funktioniert.


Hier der Weg zu dieser Einstellung unter Android bei Samsung:

1. Öffne Einstellungen / Open settings

2. Sucht nach "spezieller Zugriff" / search for "special access"

3. Wählt "Akkuverbrauch optimieren" / choose "Optimize battery consumption"

4. Alle Apps anzeigen lassen / show all apps

5. Bei Spotify deaktivieren /  deaktivate spotify

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