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Spotify turns itself off when it feels like it.

Spotify turns itself off when it feels like it.






Samsung galaxy 8+

Operating System

Android 8.0


My Question or Issue

 Spotify will play a couple of songs, then it stops playing, it dissapears from the dragdown menu and never returns. When i open the list of active apps spotify is there. If i press play it will play a couple of songs, sometimes only one, it will then pause again and pressing play on my headset will not work (sony xb950b1) ive used spotify with this headset for over a year without issues until last month. Every other audio app has no issues with my headset.

Heres what i've tried so far:

Re-install and remove cache.

Remove all data from spotify.

Changed password.

Clicked the log everyone out button.

Restart phone.

Spotify did work flawlessly for 3 days after the latest update but has since reversed to pausing/shutting off when it feels like it.


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Same issue on Xiomi Redmi 3/android 5.1.1/premium. 

App suddenly stops playing music. In order to continue listening I need to reopen app and then click play once again.

In addition I can't swap/skip more than 3 songs on "Song cover" player screen. After opening screen again I can skip next 3 songs.

I tried reinstall and removing cache, notching helped.

I'm ready to stop paying for Spotify.  I can't find any help or solution.  No customer support to speak of.  


I have spotify for so long it really pains me, but why are playlists stopping when they go to the next song.  Someone really ought to help .


I forced shut off and deleted cache, which somehow made it work, atleast so far. Im pretty sure it will stop working soon enough.

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