Spotify will not recognize SD card


Spotify will not recognize SD card




Galaxy S9+

Operating System

Android 9 with September security patch


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Spotify refuses to acknowledge my SD card on my S9+. It has been this way since I bought this home. Google Play Music and any other app has absolutely no problems with my SD card, this problem is solely related to Spotify.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, ensured it's updated, and also deleted the folder Internal Storage > Android > Data >


None of this has made a single difference. I can't fit all my music on a 64gb phone, and it's stupid for me to have to pick and choose which playlists to download when I have a 128gb sd card sitting there useless inside the phone. Spotify needs to address this, I have owned my phone for a year and SD card functionality has never worked. The button to store music in my SD card simply isn't there like it was on every other Android I own.

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Re: Spotify will not recognize SD card

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Hey @davidaxxa,


Thanks for reinstalling and for letting us know about this issue.  


Please make sure to enable permission for storage option for Spotify. This can be accessed by going to Settings>Apps>Spotify>Permissions>Storage.


Could you try a clean reisntall after that? This is different than just reinstalling and will take care of the cache in case something is wrong with it. 

Let us know how it goes 🙂

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Re: Spotify will not recognize SD card

Hi Peyta,

Thanks for the reply. I followed both instructions, and still have no ability to store my music on my SD card. Attached is a picture of my storage options.

Re: Spotify will not recognize SD card


Hi, these still does not change anything on my phone.