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Spotify will not recognize phone as offline device

Spotify will not recognize phone as offline device


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Samsung Galaxy S10

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I am brand new to Spotify, I just signed up yesterday on my Windows PC for Spotify premium and downloaded the desktop app. I began downloading albums and songs and all was fine. I downloaded the app on my Galaxy S10, signed in and noticed all the artists were appearing as I downloaded them, however I do not have a "songs" tab on the phone app, where the desktop does. I further looked into this issue, noticing that the PC was listed as an offline device, and my S10 was not. I tried to troubleshoot through different posts with no remedy. 


So far I have:

- Logged out and back in on the phone

- Uninstalled and reinstalled on the phone

- Toggled the phone in and out of "offline mode" 

- Cleared all offline devices (which was only the PC), and now neither the phone or PC are listed.


On the phone app, the "my library" page looks much different than a friend of mine who recently switched to Spotify premium - see attached image.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, I just want to be able to access all of my songs via the app on my phone and store them all locally. 


Thanks in advance,



Spotify Screenshot.jpg
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Both devices have now appeared under "offline devices", however, the phones library is still as pictured above. Two friends (one iOS, one Android) have sent me screenshots of their library page and it looks much different than mine - both have a songs tab. 

Hey @Brinzer.


Welcome to Spotify and to the Community! Thanks for your question 🙂


We've been gradually rolling out a new version of Your Library on mobile, so that all your saved songs live in the playlist Liked Songs, which you can see in the screenshot you sent us.


Since we're still rolling this out, your friends might not be seeing it yet, but it will soon be rolled out to 100% of users.


To learn a bit more about the new Your Library and how to save music, check out this Spotify Answer.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions about this.

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