Spotify won't load on HTC Sensation.

Spotify won't load on HTC Sensation.


Running stock 2.3.4 with Sense 3.0.


App goes black the second I hit the icon then shuts off and returns to the home screen.


Help? 😞

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Also might want to mention it's the Sensation 4G on T-Mobile.

We're not entirely compatible with 4G devices as of yet. However, you might want to perform a clean reinstallation. You can find out how to do a clean installation right here -
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I have a problem on my HTC Sensation with Spotify.

I'm able to install the app and start it upp, even play my songs, but there is no sound coming. The sound works fine otherwise, ringtone etc, it's only Spotify that is "muted". I have reinstalled Spotify and reseted the memory and all that several times but I just can't get it to work.


I should mention that I run standard swedish 3G in my phone.


My boyfriend installed it at the same time on his HTC sensation XL and it works fine.





i cant get the app to load to clean all saved data !

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