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Spotify won't play the next song

Spotify won't play the next song






Samsung Galaxy 8

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

If I search for an artist and open "all songs" and select the song I want to listen at. When the song has come to the end spotify just loop the selected song over and over again, it doesn't play the next song. How is this happen? It has not been like this earlier. 


Strange thing is, if I open up an album or playinglist the songs will be played after each other. 

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Hey @Seventhson88, help's arrived. 


Have you made sure to turn on the Autoplay feature? The expected behaviour when going through all songs is that it will only play one song, but if you have Autoplay on, it will start a Radio based on what you listened to.


You can always add the songs you want to play consecutively to the queue.


Hope that helps 🙂


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