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Trouble with downloading

Trouble with downloading







Huawei Y6 2018

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


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I have problems with downloading music. I have a 128 GB SD card that should be more than enough for the music i want to download to it. The download setting is to download to the SD card, not the phone. Just after a few downloads Spotify tells me my memory is full and i need to erase some tracks or playlists to keep downloading new ones. How do i solve this??


Another issue i've ran into on both my old Samsung and this new Huawei phone is that the artists i play the most aren't shown when i click on their name. I'll attach a screenshot, the folder is just blank even though i'm online or have it all downloaded. The only way for me to access the artist is to go online via wifi, click the "go to artist" and add the songs/albums to a new playlist. It's super annoying especially since I pay for the premium function every month.

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