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Spotify won't start on my Huawei ascend p7

Spotify won't start on my Huawei ascend p7

When I try to start spotify on my Huawei ascend p7 it's goes black for two seconds and then close. I've even tried to restart my phone to factory settings, but nothing seems to help. Please help me fix the problem.

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Same phone, same problem. After last update (July 16 or 17 I think - the update changed icon colors a bit), it stopped working. Two or three seconds of gray screen, then it returns back to Android desktop. Application is listed among running applications, but it is not possible to activate it. I tried phone restart, deleting cache and data, reinstalling the app, but problem is still same.


Same problem here ... Don't know about previous versions because I didn't have it installed.


Can you download an old .apk of Spotify?

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