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Spotify wont open on my phone

Spotify wont open on my phone

Someone please help!! Everytime I download Spotify on my phone and try to open it, I immediatley get a message saying  "unfortunatley, Spotify has stopped working" I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and I keep getting the same message.


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It could be your sd card. Try installing without the sd card in the phone and see if it works? If so please read the guide linked below for details on getting a completely clean install of the Spotify app. This should be the first step and can help resolve issues such as:

- Black screen on startup
- Offline data not storing on SD card
- Random crashes or FC's
- Track degradation or skipping
- Playlists and tracks no longer available

[GUIDE] First step of troubleshooting - Clean Install

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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