Spotify wouldn't use SD card as storage

Spotify wouldn't use SD card as storage







Samsung Galaxy Note9

Operating System

Android 10


A few days ago I noticed that Spotify was no longer storing downloads on my SD card.  But when I went to Spotify's Settings > Storage and re-checked "SD card," I got an error message that Spotify couldn't access the card, even though Storage is enabled in Permissions.


I recently encrypted the card, so I thought that might be the problem and decrypted it.  Nope - same error.


Finally I noticed in my phone's Settings > Apps that Spotify was using internal storage, even though I had set it to use external storage.  This is a major problem I have with Android: every time an app updates, it defaults back to internal storage, even if the existing install uses external storage.


So I changed Storage back to external, went back into Spotify and selected the SD Card option in Storage, and boom -- all my downloaded music is now where I want it to be.


I'll have to remember to change Spotify to external storage every time it updates.  Google can't seem to change this annoying behavior.

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Hey there @PaoiiBulldog


Thanks for reaching out about this. 


Just to confirm, is this happening with other apps too? 


Also, keep in mind that your SD card should be formatted as Portable and it shouldn't be encrypted in order for it to work just fine with Spotify.


Keep us posted. 

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