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Still happening in 2023 - Downloaded songs move back to Local Drive unexpectedly

Still happening in 2023 - Downloaded songs move back to Local Drive unexpectedly






Samsung Note 20 Ultra

Operating System

Android 12


My Question or Issue

I have seen MULTIPLE threads on this but it never seems resolved, what is going on Spotify? Basically I have about 10gig of downloaded songs. I set to my SD Card (a new Sandisk Extreme Ultra 512gig). Works fine. Then after some time I see my internal space is low, and in Spotify it now shows on the local storage. I transfer back (takes a couple of hours) and then good again, for awhile. It seems after every reboot (or at random) it moves the files back to local and never sticks to SD card.


To fix Ive tried

-Reinstalling Spotify app

-Latest Spotify app

-Even factory reset my device

-Ensure local file / sd file permissions given to Spotify app

-Removed the 'remove if not used' on permissions settings (even though I go into Spotify literally everyday and no reason this should happen)

-Tried removing and reinstalling SD Card

-Tried a new SD Card

-Disabled battery saving options for Spotify


This has been happening for years now and in 2023, for a PAID app, it's time to fix it Spotify

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Hi there @Roachforlife,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


I just want to jump in here and clarify why this is happening. This issue is related to how certain Android ROMs handle the detection of your SD card upon reboot, or other similar events caused by the OS or system updates. On some phones, upon a reboot, the OS default app cache storing of apps to the internal device storage, as the SD card needs more time to load up as available external storage. This is not something that can be controlled by the Spotify app itself.


There is a workaround to this shared by @Tink3rb3ll here. You can check if that works for you.


Spotify developers have acknowledged this issue and are constantly trying to improve the performance of the app.


Hope this info helps. 

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Thank you for the reply. I read the post you mentioned and in the process of moving the app to my sd card. Will report back after a few days. The poster mentioned about the idea of adding some sort of delay or not starting automatically with the phone. Is that not an option the devs could do? Thank you 

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