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Still no Podcasts or New Shows Menu????

Still no Podcasts or New Shows Menu????

I'm a premium member and running on Android BUT STILL no new menu that adds Podcasts or Shows?  How long will take until I see is added? 

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I've had a hard time finding dates on this... even though a big deal was made out of it when it was announced. I'm not sure that Podcasts are coming out any time soon.... Unless i'm missing something.

Can't wait to be able to listen to Wait, Wait... and TWiT in the client, and if they add in the video content rumored to be brought in, Spotify would probably become, without a doubt, the best "entertainment" app out there. (Who am I kidding, it really already is the best!!!)
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I am running There are no updates available via google play, but i also do not see any of the new menus on neither my windows pc nor my android. What the heck? These features were announced publicly 2 months ago as if it happened!!


this help page does not help, either:!/article/now-moments-running-shows



If you're not yet seeing this menu on your iPhone 4S and above or Android Spotify phone app, you will soon!

On May 20th, they announced this was rolling out:


Can we have some answers, spotify? Ive been paying you $10 a month religiously

I'm running version and I've got nothing.  Been a premium member for years.  Is there an apk I can sideload?

Yes they have an APK, No there's not really anything that will help you play the podcasts on android. It's still in development. They're still saying that it's "soon to be released."!/article/shows


In fact this is the only actual spotify support page where I could find where they even talked about the update much let give a release date.

I think it is really unfair to users to be completely silent on the rollout of a feature Spotify hyped 5 months ago. There's no information whatsoever and no insight into who gets Shows or not. It would have been more customer centric if they had allowed people to submit an invite to shows so that they can at least prioritize the people who want this feature. I've wanted podcasts in Spotify since it came out and it is really annoying that I have no choice but to sit and wait and feel like I'm not being listened to. 

This is so sad, i was so looking forward to this and still november is here and nothing

Spotify gets lots of free press from lazy media that assumes this feature already exists. Like this


This was anounced IN MAY.

Thing is, I did have a lot of podcasts in my menu during the summer, but then most disappeared. So I guess there is some sort of dispute over rights, payments or some such. However I still see a few (very few in comparison to before) in the "Words" genre under "Genre & Moods" in the start page of the desktop version.

Is this a feature that most people have by now? I just subscribed to Spotify Premium and I'm in the US, but I don't see any Shows menu. Sad, because podcasts were one reason that I subscribed to Spotify over Google Play, but I hear Google is adding podcasts too


Currently in beta testing, will be coming asap! 

...He said a month ago...after the previous 6 months of waiting...

yeah its 2016 and i am still waiting on this,
some of my friend already has it but i think its my bad luck

and seriously this is not fair Spotify

Any word on when this feature will be coming out of beta testing?

Hey. I saw Shows in my Browse section after the latest iOS update (today). Tapped on it. Response:

"Couldn't open link. Spotify can't open this type of link on this device."



The shows tab has been released from beta. It's open on android and ios devices. It's not on the Desktop version yet.


The shows tab has been released from beta. It's open on android and ios devices. It's not on the Desktop version yet.

 I just updated the app on both my phone and tablet and the "Shows" item is not visible on any of them, even though the release notes say it's there. The version on both devices is and I'm a premium user on a family plan who also listens to a lot of podcasts. Please fix this.

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