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Stop showing podcast at the top of my Home page.

Stop showing podcast at the top of my Home page.






Samsung Galaxy S8

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

Unwanted podcast at top of my homepage. 

131 Replies

Yea, Me too...On the other hand, thanks to your screenshot, now I have some new stuff to listen too... thx!

I have recently began to use spotify and I am now a premium member. The podcast recommendations were not all that bad at first until here recently where there is a creepy edit of markiplier's face staring at me at all times on the spotify home page, WITHOUT the option to remove, hide, or even report the podcast. I wouldn't report the podcast for being offensive or anything but I would do it now because I am simply fed up with seeing a creepy markiplier staring at me. I have reached the point that I would report the podcast in hopes of it getting taken down just so I don't have to see an unsettling markiplier edit staring at me, ALL because spotify does not have a simple "hide podcasts" feature. I would be willing to report the podcast as a workaround for spotifys lack of features. Quite a ridiculous situation I am in. 

Desktop Screenshot 2022.05.19 - (2).png

My problem isn't the podcasts themselves but the fact that none of the ones I actually listen to are there. I actually have to go search for them. I don't want suggested podcasts. I certainly don't want to listen to other people's horoscopes, but that's suggested because it makes sense right?  honestly, Spotify needs to go more basic and just give customization options instead of trying to please everyone by making permanent changes. Just because some like it doesn't mean all will, and who's idea was this suggested podcast thing anyway? did anyone actually even ask for that change, or was that just your tech team trying to be innovative?  my point is Spotify you're doing way more than necessary and continuously changing the UI is going to cost you more customers ultimately because people don't want to have to keep re-learning how to use the app.  It would be nice to only see the podcasts I follow on my homepage. Make suggestions a category to click on, not the main focus of our homepages. The homepage shouldn't feel unfamiliar and foreign to the user. As of right now, it does.  It doesn't feel like "home" and I thought that was the point of a landing page. To give a familiar place to start from and go back to but maybe I've got that mixed up with something else. please do better.

Premium user too. I used to be able to ignore the podcasts list on the home page, but for the past few weeks I keep getting this ugly face of a known right wing nationalist in my contry and his hateful podcast right at the top of the suggested list!


(I'm talking about Wojciech Cejrowski)

This is unacceptable!

I totally agree, and in fact I find this dangerous. When using Carplay I need now to keep scrolling beyond these needless Spotify adverts for podcasts down to my music. As a premium user I do not want to see adverts!

Considering leaving Spotify because of this. I'm even more infuriated now seeing how long paying subscribers have been voicing their feedback with no changes.

4 years after the original post and still no way to stop Podcasts being rammed down our throats.
We get it, they're probably more lucrative than Music - That's not what we're here for. Give us the choice. Yeesh!!!

Hi Daisy, 

I've been a subscriber to Spotify premium for a couple of years and rarely listen to podcasts. Lately Spotify has started showing me full screen ads for true crime podcasts when I open the app each day.  For me these are triggering and distasteful overall, as well as being a nuisance to try to dismiss from the screen in the app. My wife has the same issue. We both have Android phones.

There are hundreds of posts online in the Spotify community, reddit, etc. from users wanting the ability to turn off these recommendations or customize our home screens to some extent. For example I would like to block all podcast or at least any crime-related recommendations. If this doesn't change soon we're going to have to switch to a different music streaming service. It's apparently been an issue for over 5 years, so if Spotify doesn't care then I don't see why I should keep subscribing when there are so many options to build a music library.

Thank you for your time. 

Sue H.


Have been having issues with podcasts lately - Spotify will sometimes say "Sorry, Spotify can't play this right now" and proceed to a different podcast. Most of these are older episodes of podcasts I am subscribed to, but it started playing one I wasn't, and I'm now unable to get rid of it.

It shows up in my New Episodes, autoplays when episodes of other podcasts end, and is becoming very annoying. I'm, again, not following this podcast and have no interest in it. How do I get rid of it?


Followup: I do mean the New Episodes page, not the Episodes for You page!

Googled how to change the home screen to stop showing podcasts and ended up here. I'm tired of Joe Rogan's mug looking at me every time I log in. I haven't listened to his post cast in years and even if I did once the other podcasts I did listen to aren't taking his place. But even if I do listen to other occasional podcasts, I don't want them at the top just like all the other folks on here complaining. Subtle nudges to consume content are essentially spam, a paid account on Spotify should be able to dodge and customize to not be spammed. 

Bumping this thread as in 2024 this is stil the problem.

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