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Storage changed after every Restart

Storage changed after every Restart

I use Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Android 6.0.1 and after every Restart of the Phone the Storage of downlad (Offline) Music change to internal Storage. When i change back to SD Storage i must download all of my 3000+ offline used Music... this is very bad

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Just bought the same phone. Same problem.

I don't get that with my S7 Edge. Have you enabled storage access under application manager/spotify/permissions? It could be that the OS denies access to the SD card on reboot if the permission hasn't been set.

While the permission was indeed not set, I did try that before and the issue remained. One thing I wanted to try is to verify the issue again but with the SD card decrypted. Mine is currently encrypted.

Ah, you'll find a couple of threads about issues with encrypted cards. The issue seems to be that the OS takes a while to verify the card contents and starting spotify before this verification completes results in spotify storage reverting to internal storage. The only solution at present seems to be to wait for a minute or two before starting spotify.


Sorry about the vague "while" but this is dependent on the SD card size.

I can confirm this to be a genuine issue. Permissions are all done and my SD card is not encrypted. I currently have a 128gb Samsung sd card in my phone and the storage option gets defaulted back to phone after every reboot or phone power down.

This might be what was happening in my case. I have tested a couple of times and had two instances where the problem did not occur. In one of them, the card was encrypted, though almost empty (had previously downloaded only two songs from Spotify before restarting).

I did open up Spotify rather fast after startup in those tests. I'll keep this in mind, thanks.

Still, it would be nice if Spotify wasn't so quick to revert to internal storage or if, at least, it could recognize its own files when changing back to SD storage.

The porblem is..i testit with the internal storage.. i download a playlist and restart the phone... and after this the download button in the playlist are also in the internal storage ..after restart no more song are offline... this is **bleep**... since i have andorid 6.0.1


The only solution i found is... die diable spotify before restart..ander after restart enable spotify and it works..but it isn´t the best option

I'm having the same issue on my Galaxy S7, phone changes storage to internal after every restart and is very annoying. I have tried to give all permissions but still happening forcing me to download everytime or using my data plan for streaming my songs.

Same problem here. Storage changed from SD card to internal after every restart, making me re-download all my songs. Spotify, please address this issue.


I’m running into the same issue. It’s getting super frustrating!

Whenever I have to restart my phone or the battery is drained to 0%, all my downloaded tracks are gone...


Currently I’m on a Moto G5 – Android 7.0 | Spotify


I ran into the same issue with my previous phones (Moto G4 Play, Samsung Xcover3, Blackview6000s), even my old iPhone 4 is doing it.


I followed the forums, replaced my Samsung 128 GB SD Card, in case it’s faulty. Same issue with the new one. So I’ve tried syncing to internal memory: Same issue.


I deleted the app, restarted the phone, re-installed the app. Didn’t do the trick. (Also when the phones were totally new, it happened).


Random facts, which might help:

  • my account was transferred into a new one, to get rid of facebook connection a while a go (maybe the account is faulty?)
  • the phone looses also the info which tracks should be downloaded. So it’s not like you just wait and it syncs automatically. I have to actively download each playlist manually. (This led me to have a playlist called Spotify-Bug, where I store all the playlists, so I just have to tick on for download them all…)
  • the selection of the memory (in settings) gets removed as well. I have to go back and select internal or sd-card after a re-sync.

I love this app, but this is getting so horribly annoying that I consider to check out alternatives. Please don’t make me do this!


Is there any real solution available now?

I think the only solution is Spotify to fix the bug!

realy annoying situation, and the bug has been there now for a while, bad support.

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