Storage location on Samsung S7e.


Storage location on Samsung S7e.

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I'm about to switch if I don't find any solution for this issue, that I have had for almost a year.

On Spotify, I have selected the storage location to external memory card. I gave the app the rights to access the external storage.

I tried everything... Rebooting the device, uninstalling the app...

I'm out of ideas right now, and also out of internal storage due to the fact that spotify music uses 11gb of it.


Any help would be very appreciated.

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Hi @gaspardmasy, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Confirm if  removing de SD card, reinstalling the app without it and then reinserting the SD card help. Also, the SD card has at least 1GB of free space?


Keep us posted.

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I've never foud any solution to my problem… I tried other platforms but I have to admit there's nothing quite good as Spotify. So I changed my phone. I have a 128gb phone so no external location problem!