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Strange Spotify Connect behaviour

Strange Spotify Connect behaviour

Hi there,


i'm using a yamaha receiver to play spotify songs with connect. That's working great. But since a few weeks i sometimes get a notification in my android phone that spotify is playing a song on my receiver ... but i'm at my office, not at home, not in the same network. And also the songs that are playing, i don't have them in any of my playlists.


That is a very strange thing, as i can skip current song and press next, so it will jump to next song.


Can spotify connect use my receiver at home over the internet? I can't verify if my receiver is on and really playing that song. Have to figure that out too. But it has a Network wake function, so if i'm at home and the receiver is off, i can connect to it with spotify and it switches it self on. So techically that could be possible.

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