Latest update doesn't show all albums


Latest update doesn't show all albums


This is the first (noticeable?) bug I've encountered using Spotify on Android. I can't see all my saved albums in the Albums screen. I just see my one latest saved album. Tried resaving an album I had saved before and it appears there now but the other albums still didn't reappear. Checked my Albums page on Spotify Windows and I see all my albums there. The latest album I resaved on Android now appears first on the list in Spotify Windows.


I should also add that the Filter option won't show up in Albums on Android but it does show up on Playlists, Songs and Artists. It's a strange bug because Artists still shows all the artists I had saved albums for but their albums won't show up on Albums! The Songs list has also been truncated with just those 2 albums.


Please help. I don't want to have to redownload all my music just because of this. That seems to be a standard fix when my Spotify acted weird in the past but it's truly an unacceptable solution when you've had tons of music downloaded already. Is this because I've saved way too many albums or songs already?

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