Forced update cleared my downloaded tracks


Forced update cleared my downloaded tracks


Bad enough that you force me to update a working piece of software.


Having it clear all my downloaded tracks, as well as reset all the 'Download' flags for the desktop app, is really pretty crappy.  I had a specific set of songs setup, now I need to spend my time and my bandwidth to re-download gigabytes of data.


Consider me a not-really-happy-with-your-work premium user.  I hope your developers and product owners put some time into thinking about how your product is used outside the demands of your short release cycles.

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Is this the first time that this is happening to you? Too bad that you need to redownload your tracks.

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My saved songs have vanished too, dis update days ago, songs were fine until couple hours ago ......
Wierd thing- artists, album names, & playlists intact. Saved for offline playlists still green, but songs aren't saved, menu has save option once again, al a lo buns empty

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Oh man, autocorrect is more than the usual downright useless Today!
that's *albums are empty*

Oh GS3 Kitkat