Streaming spotify to bluetooth speaker


Streaming spotify to bluetooth speaker

Can you stream spotify from android device to a bluetooth speaker? If so, what's the audio quality and is it bug-free?
I'm thinking of buying a samsung da-e670 to be able to stream from both iphone and android. Anyone tried it?
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Any device which supports A2DP (most mobile phones and tablets) can stream to a bluetooth audio device. Quality will never be as good as a direct connection.

Re: Streaming spotify to bluetooth speaker

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Hey there!!! Thanks for question.


Happy to answer.


It works like a charm.


I have a punch of Bluetooth devices.


Speaker 2.1, little one. 2 little speakers and one a bit bigger Subwoofer in one!!! It works like a charm with iPad at the beach, at park etc. Bass is strong and amazing vocals and just great sound for 20 €. You may not believe before you hear it...




In personal computer I have Philips SHB7000 Bluetooth headphones. I have laptop with Bluetooth, works like a charm with everything, Spotify included. 75 €. Great sound, great bass, reliable connect.




I'm so happy about Bluetooth, so I purchased another Bluetooth headphone Philips SHB8000 for 90 € just for my smartphone need when walking or without driving my MTB (as then I use in-ear headphones. Works with Android amazingly. It's a great bass, great melody, amazing connect reliablity and I can easily take them with me (look at picture) and they are with style.




When I'm biking with my MTB, I use my Philips in-earphones SHO2200. They are for 40 €. But bass is good, sound is good for price. They will work even if you step onto these with your boots. Reliable when you're not allowed to use better headphpnes. In cycling for example at MTB and you use helmet.




At home I also listen Spotify using my Pioneer SMA1 speaker around 250 € with Spotify Connect. Amazing sound, loud bass without subwoofer, reliable connectivity and lossless. In Bluetooth you always lost some quality, but not much. Spotfy Connect is lossless format!




All works like a charm with Spotify!!! Get one of them before it's too late and enjoy your Spotify like never before Big smile


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