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Stuck Offline

Stuck Offline

I just got spotify premium over a month ago and have been having the same issue again and again. Spotify stops connecting online even if offline mode is turned off and the only way i can fix it is by uninstalling the app and installing it again which deletes my music. I'm sick of redownloading my songs all over again. I am wondering if there's anything i can do besides this to fix it? 


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Hi @Busmanpwns


Thank for reaching us. I will try up to my utmost knowledge in answering your concern.


Have you tried, adding your songs to your library? Because even if downloaded the songs on your playlist but yet, never adding it on your library, still when you go offline, if you search or browse, no songs will be dsplayed.


Me, as a Premium account, this is what I do. Any songs that I liked, I'lll add them to my library (Save). After doing that, while still connected on the net, I go to my "Songs" and turn on the Toggle swith "Download". And all those sogs there will be automatically download. In that way, I can still search songs on my library even if I'm offline.


Lemme know if that helps a little.



Just came here looking for answers on this. It blows my mind that Spotify has risen to being the cadillac of music services, and yet their approach to support is to have subscribers crowdsources solutions from each other.


Think about how much people complain about Comcast. Now imagine if you called Comcast and the result was that some other customer's phone rang somewhere for them to help you out.


At any rate, the issue depicted is one with the search function. There are multiple posts about this within easy reach. It has nothing to do with offline mode. In my experience, I do not have to uninstall the app. I just go to my process list and kill it. Which is still annoying if you were actually listening to music.


Let me ask others suffering this problem: do you sign in with Facebook?



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