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Samsung s7 edge

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 I'm connected to my internet on my phone and I type this on my phone connected to internet but what ever I so to spotify I can search anything it just says I'm offline ive tried several trouble shooting methods and nothing please help

2 Replies

Hi @w_pv-zkdj3vzr


Thank for reaching us. I will try up to my utmost knowledge in answering your concern.


Have you tried checking on your settings if it is "Set to Offline Mode"? If the toggle switch is in "green", tap it to switch it off, then make it sure you're still connected to the internet. Then try searching again.


If it's still not working, visit here for further information


Lemme know if it helps. Thanks



Wish there way some way (or rather someone, I suppose) to aggregate threads on this issue, because there's four or five of them on the same page.


To reiterate as I have in other threads, it has nothing to do with Offline Mode. You can be streaming music while getting a message in the search window about being offline.


Bring up your list or tile screen of app processes and kill Spotify from there. Then restart it. In my case, this allows searches to work again for a while at least.

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